ISC Record Club FAQ

How often are records sent out?

Records are sent within 30 days of your sign up date. Our system works on a calendar date schedule, so a sign up on the 23rd of January would mean you receive your Record Club package on or before the 23rd of every month.


Example payment cycle:
(Sign up & pay March 7th, your next charge would be April 23rd, followed by May 23rd..)



How soon after sign up will I receive my records?

Due to the personalized format of ISC’s Record Club sign up process, all new members will receive their first shipment between 2-4 weeks after registering.


Can I make changes to my Record Club? 

At the moment, ALL record club changes, questions and concerns are handled manually via email. Please contact for everything related to your subscription.

How soon after sign up will I receive my sign up bonus (tote, slipmat, etc.) ? 

Sign up bonuses ship out with your records after the 3rd payment has cycled. If you would like to cancel your subscription before the 3rd payment, you are no longer eligible for the tiered sign up bonus.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! Send an email to to cancel at any time. You will still receive your last Record Club order if payment has already been made for that 30 day cycle.

Are returns accepted?

We can only accept returns for damaged / defective records or duplicates. We do not accept returns or exchanges for records sent out as part of the ISC Record Club.

Do you ship International?

We do ship internationally, however we cannot guarantee the deliverance of all International Orders due to the service provided with USPS. International Orders are shipped with tracking but cannot be insured and we cannot offer any kind of refund for missing packages.

How are selections made?

Selections are made by using the genre tags you choose when checking out, your collection records listed, and anything else you leave for us in the notes section. The notes section can be very helpful for us when selecting your records for the month, so please leave anything you might find useful for us to return to each month! (a link to your Discogs page, specific instruments you don’t like, favorite new labels, etc)

Can I substitute records in my month’s subscription with records in the ISC store?

If you see a record you’d like from the store, please let us know at If the record is still in stock, we should be able to add that to your next bundle.

Are these new records we’re getting with this subscription?

Yes, the records included with the tiered subscriptions are all new and unplayed straight from distributor or label stock.

Can I request certain records?

No, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee requests but are open to any and all suggestions to help get a better understanding of what you would love to hear!

Can I purchase a record club subscription as a gift?

Yes, record club subscriptions can be gifted. Please leave the genre and favorite record fields blank and enter the email address of the recipient in the “Gift” field. We’ll reach out to the recipient directly to get their preferences.

If you would like to prepay for a specific period of time, please send us an email at and we’ll send further instructions.

What if I don’t like the records I received?

We do not accept returns but will gladly take feedback if you didn’t like one or more of the record club selections. Please send us an email with notes on which records you didn’t like, and we’ll work to improve future selections. Feel free to be as detailed as you can with your suggestions. The more info we have the better!

What if I already own one of the records I receive?

Send us a picture of both copies and we’ll swap it out for you with something different. 

If you have an account with please send it over! If you do not have an account, please consider making one and adding the records in your collection to your profile and sharing with us. This helps us so much when making your selections, that way we can double check to avoid duplicates of records you already have. Without a discogs account for us to reference, we're more likely to send newer releases and obscure cuts.

What if I want to change my genre preferences?

Music tastes are always changing! If you’d like to update or change your preferences at any time, please send an email to letting us know what changes you’d like made and we’ll make sure those changes are reflected in future selections.