ISC Record Club Subscription - Tier 3
ISC Record Club

ISC Record Club Subscription - Tier 3

ISC Record Club Subscription - Tier 3

Subscription cycle date is the 23rd of every month. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your first subscription to arrive.

Example payment cycle:
(Sign up & pay March 7th, your next charge would be April 23rd, followed by May 23rd..)

Subscription price includes shipping for US customers only.

ISC Tote & Slipmat are one time bonus gifts, not recurring.

Sign up bonuses ship out only after the 3rd payment has cycled.

Your record club is managed by ISC Manually. Please contact for any updates, changes or questions.

Receive three hand selected records every 30 days from the ISC team.

Records arrive sleeved in extra heavy duty 4mil thick - soft polyethylene outer sleeves.

Tier 3 subscriptions come with a free ISC tote bag & slipmat + 10% off all goods in the ISC webstore while subscription is active.

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Price $100.00 / month